Energy saving with ConnectedCooking.

Energy prices are rising, and it is becoming increasingly important to be able to control the carbon footprint. Now it is a matter of keeping an eye on the relevant data and taking action.

Help is at hand from the new function available exclusively in ConnectedCooking: the dashboard for digital energy usage display. This gives users an overview of the energy requirements of the iCombi Pro and its predecessor model the SelfCookingCenter and enables them to identify potential savings.

New dashboard with energy usage display:

Here's what you can expect.

Keeping an eye on energy usage.

Always keep an eye on your calculated energy usage for the current month by cooking process, by combi-steamer or by restaurant. Transparent, clear and customisable with the new dashboard in ConnectedCooking.

Measure door opening times.

Analyse how long the loading process takes and whether opening of the door unnecessarly causes energy loss in the cooking cabinet. See what energy usage could be saved by efficient loading.

Preheating and loading times under control.

See how quickly the iCombi Pro or SelfCookingCenter was loaded after the end of the preheating time and what energy consumption you could save by waiting a shorter time.

Identify usage peaks and reduce electricity costs.

Identify energy load peaks in your food production and adjust your production accordingly to reduce usage peaks and lower electricity costs.

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Tips and tricks for saving energy with RATIONAL.

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