Connect your iCombi Pro and iVario.

With ConnectedCooking.

Register, connect, benefit.

Use the full potential of your RATIONAL cooking systems with ConnectedCooking, the digital kitchen management from RATIONAL. This simplifies your workflows, saves you time and money and gives you the security of having everything under control.

So why wait? Register now for free with ConnectedCooking, connect RATIONAL cooking systems and benefit immediately from the countless advantages.

Step 1: Register and create a free ConnectedCooking account.

Simply click on Login/Register or download the app, fill in your contact details, assign a password and your personal account is created.

Step 2: Connect your RATIONAL cooking systems with ConnectedCooking.

1. If your RATIONAL cooking system has a software version older than August 2022, please first perform a manual software update using the RATIONAL USB flash drive. If you have installed a current software version, please continue with the next point.
Manual software update.

2. Connect your cooking system to your network via LAN or WiFi.

3. Add your cooking system to your ConnectedCooking account.

4. Activate the full range of functions such as HACCP data download or automatic software updates on your cooking system.

This is how you connect your iCombi Pro.

This is how you connect your iVario Pro.

Step 3: Benefit – Your networking advantages at a glance:

  • Always up-to-date with the latest technology through automatic software updates.
  • The security of having everything under control. Download HACCP data with just a click.
  • Simplify workflows: Send cooking programs to all connected cooking systems at the touch of a button.
  • Save time and money: Keep an eye on all connected cooking systems, including energy usage.


Do you have questions about connecting your RATIONAL cooking systems? You can find the answers here.